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I’m Frank, and it’s an honor to have you visit! If you like guitars and playing them, you’ll love it here! My story goes back a lot of years.

I first started playing the guitar in middle school and never looked back! As time passed, I have collected and built many guitars. I did a three-year apprenticeship under a luthier and have a small repair shop at home. To help pay for my education, I taught and played guitar professionally and enjoyed every minute of it.

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough guitars and all the toys that go with them; I’m talking amps, effects, cables, tuners, straps, picks, you name it! You can learn more about me by clicking the center image above, but if you do, please return to this page to familiarize yourself with how things work here! Everything you need to know can be found below.

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I hope you enjoy your stay and will come back again!

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What Makes My Guitar Lair The Best Place For Musicians Like You?

My Commitment To Making You A Better Player!

Our mission

To provide you with a fun place to relax, enjoy, and learn about all things guitar.

Our Vision

I built this website to share my love of guitars and all the equipment that goes along with them with like-minded players who enjoy learning. Everyone is welcome here! You don’t have to be a musician.

Our methods

This website is constantly revised to include the most up-to-date information on instructional resources and guitar products. New content is continually added to provide you with what you need most. If you want information on a particular topic, leave me a comment on the “Ask Me Anything” page.