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Hi, & Happy To See You!

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If you’ve navigated here, then you probably have questions. I’ll try my best to give you answers.

I think this page will be especially beneficial to beginning guitars players. Congratulations to those who are just starting to play or thinking about getting started!

Playing the guitar or any instrument is one of the best things you can do to improve the quality and happiness of your life and others around you.

I started playing the electric guitar when I was in middle school and never looked back. It changed my life for the better and added joy to every day. Over forty years later, here I am, and I still can’t get enough guitar time!

Here’s How “Ask Me Anything” Works

Please leave your question in the appropriate area on this site so that everyone can benefit from it. I will not respond to spam, marketing & sales pitches, or anything not musically related. This page is here strictly to help the intellectual and curious. We are all students and lifetime learners of the guitar.

If your question sparks general interest among others in the comments, then it will be my pleasure to attempt to publish an entire article about it in the future.

Here are some examples of appropriate topics:

  • Guitars – Electric and Acoustic
  • Guitar Amplifiers – Any Type
  • Effects Pedals – Stompboxes & Multi-Effects Units
  • Guitar Accessories – Strings, Picks, Straps, etc
  • Guitar Artists – In Any Musical Genre

Refer to the category menus at the top of this page for more ideas on what to ask.

Questions Related To Articles On This Website

Questions relating to an article on this site should be entered in the comments section at the bottom of that particular post. Thank You for helping to keep the information organized and of benefit to others.

General Questions Related To The Guitar

If you have a question unrelated to a specific article on this website, please leave it in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Any guitar-related question is fair game.

Questions In Private Messages

If you have a guitar-related question that you would like to ask me in private, then you can send me an email at (remove the number 10 to show that you’re not a robot). If I can help you, then I will email you back a response as soon as possible. Please post your question in one of the above two areas, unless it is absolutely a private correspondence.

Thanks & Keep On Playing!


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