Cheap Guitar Gig Bags – 8 Best Options For Under $100!

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags - Someone carrying a gig bag and a skateboard at the same time

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to store or transport your guitar safely? Then, check out these 8 Cheap Guitar Gig Bags. They offer various levels of styling and protection.

Maybe you bought your first guitar, and it just came in a cardboard box, or you don’t have a lot of cash to spend on a hardshell case.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a gig bag for your instrument. Instead, you can start with a cheaper gig bag and upgrade later if required.

The reviews are arranged in order of cheapest to most expensive gig bags.

Information on what a gig bag is and its pros and cons can be found after the reviews. Scroll down or use the table of contents to read that section first.

Keep on reading to learn more!

Summary Table

If you are in a hurry, then check out this quick comparison table. More info on each gig bag can be found in the individual reviews below, including the best price.

Gig BagCostPadding“Backpack” HandlesComment
ChromaCast CC-ENB$NoneNoOK For Home Use
Mxfans 36″$MinimalYesOK For Home Use
Fender FA405$$5 mmYes“Multi-Fit” Gig Bag
Flexzion$$5 mmYesWater-Resistant
Fender FET-610$$$10 mmYes“Multi-Fit” Gig Bag
Protec Hollow Body CF229$$$20 mmYesHollow Body Gig Bag
ChromaCast CC-EXTPB$$$25 mmYesFor Extreme Body Shapes
Protec CF234DBL Double$$$$25 mmYesHolds Two Guitars

ChromaCast Electric Guitar Nylon Gig Bag (CC-ENB) (retails about $15.00)

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags – ChromaCast CC-ENB
OK For Home Use

This gig bag is a good choice if you want to keep your guitar dust-free or store the guitar in your bedroom. It is essentially made to cover the instrument but doesn’t offer protective padding.

I would not recommend using this gig bag for travel, except maybe in the back seat of your car.

It has carry handles, double zippers, and a single pocket in front to store sheet music or accessories.

It is “weather-resistant.”

Mxfans 36″ Nylon Guitar Bag Backpack For Gig Guitar Storage (retails about $16.00)

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags - Mxfans 36" Nylon Backpack
OK For Home Use

This “backpack” gig bag has two adjustable shoulder straps to make it easier to carry.


Upgraded “Waterproof” Design

Large capacity – It may be deep enough to fit a regular-size acoustic guitar.

Like the ChromaCast CC-ENB, I would not recommend using this gig bag for travel, except maybe in the back seat of your car. Additionally, I doubt this gig bag is completely waterproof, so be careful not to get it wet.

Fender FA405 Multi-Fit Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag (retails about $25.00 – $50.00)

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags - Fender FA405
OK For Limited Travel

This multi-fit gig bag is available in three styles for dreadnought acoustic, electric guitar, and electric bass.

It is made of 400 Denier polyester with a reverse water-resistant zipper, 5mm padding, and a soft nylon lining.

The FA405 has a comfortable two-piece handle and ergonomic backpack straps.

This bag also has a front slip pocket and an ID tag holder.

Fender claims that the F405 Series gig bag will hold a dreadnought acoustic guitar. Beware that some purchasers claim that the gig bag is a very snug fit for an acoustic guitar. It has excellent reviews on Amazon and other websites for use with a Strat or Tele.

Flexzion Electric Guitar Gig Bag (retails about $27.00)

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags - Flexzion Electric Guitar Gig Bag
OK For Limited Travel

The Flexzion gig bag features multiple reinforced handles with two adjustable backpack straps for hands-free transport. It also has a velcro neck strap that secures the guitar’s headstock during transport.

The bag has 5 mm padding.

It has two pockets to hold all your guitar accessories. The large pocket can hold sheet music or a guitar cable. A smaller pocket in the neck area can hold picks or a guitar tuner.

Interior Dimensions: 40.5 in L x 11.5 in (upper bout)/ 14 in (lower bout) W x 3.5 in D

The manufacturer claims the gig bag is waterproof and will protect your guitar from rain and accidental water spray. I would consider it water-resistant.

Fender FET-610 Electric Guitar Gig Bag, Tweed (retails about $59.95)

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags - Fender FET-610
Good For Limited-Normal Travel

This fender electric guitar gig bag is a “multi-fit” product designed to hold a variety of electric guitars, including most semi-hollow bodies.

It has a durable outer 600 Denier polyester layer that protects against impacts, ripping, and tearing.

The interior has a 10mm padding and a “soft-touch” microfiber lining.

Highly Recommended by My Guitar Lair

It has a comfortable two-piece recessed handle and features ergonomic air mesh backpack straps with easily adjustable ladder lock buckles.

It has a reverse water-resistant zipper with custom ergonomic zipper pulls.

The gig bag also has a large front pocket with a business card window. You also get a pocket for extra strings and a tool pouch.

Protec Hollow Body Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Gold Series, Model CF229 ( retails about $64.95)

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags - Protec Model CF229
Good For Normal Travel

This gig bag is designed specifically for hollow body electric and acoustic guitars.

It has an extra-thick 20mm padding and a soft non-abrasive “Nylex” lining with a reinforced headstock, bridge, and end pin areas that are puncture-resistant.

The exterior is made of rugged 600D nylon with custom molded zippers

Highly Recommended by My Guitar Lair

The handles are dual-corded with padded handle wrap. It has adjustable back straps that can be tucked away. There is also a rear “quick-grab” handle.

It has three storage pockets (1 large music/laptop pocket, one large cable pocket with a built-in organizer, one headstock tuner & a strap pocket). There is also a built-in organizer with two inner sleeves to hold small accessories.

ChromaCast CC-EXTPB-BAG Electric Guitar Padded Bag for Extreme Body Shapes (retails about $64.98)

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags - ChromaCast CC-EXTPB-BAG
Good For Normal Travel

If you have an “extreme body shape,” like a Flying-V or Warlock guitar, then this may be the gig bag you’re looking for.

This gig bag features exterior rubber bumpers on the top and bottom for added protection.

It has 25mm of thick padding for extra protection.

An interior velcro strap helps to secure your guitar. It also has two backpack straps, and side handles for easy carrying.

Interior dimensions: 49″ Long, 17″ Wide lower bout, 9″ Wide neck, 2.5″ High

Protec CF234DBL Double Electric Guitar Gig Bag, Gold Series (retails about $90.99)

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags - Protec CF234DBL Double Gig Bag
Good For Normal Travel

If you need a gig bag to carry two guitars at once, this bag will fit two solid-body electrics, like your Strat, Tele, SG, or Les Paul.

It has a weather-resistant nylon exterior with oversized zippers and durable rubber molded feet.

The dual-corded handle has a padded wrap for carrying comfort, and it has a rear “quick-grab” handle.

This gig bag is designed to be carried as a backpack and has thickly padded adjustable straps that help to distribute the weight evenly.

Each guitar is surrounded by thick 25mm padding and a soft non-abrasive nylon lining.

The headstock, bridge, and end pin areas are all reinforced.

It features three roomy exterior pockets and a built-in organizer with two interior sleeves to hold small accessories.

What Is A Gig Bag?

A gig bag is a soft transport case for your guitar. It is made of a soft outer material, typically nylon. The inside of the gig bag is padded with foam or other materials to protect your guitar from damage.

Electric Vs Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags

Gig bags are available for both electric and acoustic guitars. However, acoustic guitar gig bags are less compact than electric guitar gig bags because they are designed to protect a larger and more delicate instrument.

Don’t travel with an expensive acoustic guitar in a gig bag unless it is designed well enough to protect the instrument!

When To Use A Gig Bag

Use a gig bag if you are traveling by car or a short distance on foot. However, if you plan on using public transportation, make sure your gig bag is adequate for the journey.

Never check a gig bag as travel luggage on a plane, train, or bus. Your instrument will most likely be damaged along the way.

Gig bags can come with options that make it easier to handle them, like shoulder straps or hangers. In addition, a gig bag that can carry two guitars at once can make it easier for you to travel, especially if you are also taking a piece of luggage.

If you have an expensive guitar, then it most likely came with a hardshell case. A good rule-of-thumb is to use a hardshell case whenever someone else will be handling your instrument or if the gig bag will be out of your sight for any length of time.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gig Bags

My Guitar Lair - Pros (Thumbs Up) Section

Gig bags have the following advantages:

  • Usually cheaper than a hardshell case, but not necessarily
  • May have pockets for sheet music, cables, picks, etc
  • Have shoulder straps and grab handles for easy transport, especially in crowded areas
  • Easier to maneuver through tight or crowded spaces
  • Frees both hands when carrying in “backpack” mode with shoulder straps
  • Lighter than a hard shell case and more comfortable to carry, especially for long distances
  • Can hold more than one guitar (double gig bags)

Disadvantages of gig bags:

My Guitar Lair - Cons (Thumbs Down) Section
  • They are not made sturdy enough to travel alone
  • They offer less protection from the elements than hard shell cases, especially heavy rain and humidity
  • If you accidentall drop or bang your gig bag against a hard or sharp surface then your guitar could be damaged

Here is a video from Rhett Shull that gives you tips on how to travel safely with your guitar and when to use a gig bag versus a hardshell case. Check it out!

Final Thoughts On Cheap Guitar Gig Bags

Final Thoughts

A gig bag can be a lighter and cheaper alternative to putting your guitar in a hardshell case. First, however, it’s essential to understand the advantages and the limitations of gig bags.

Most expensive guitars come with a hardshell case or a deluxe gig bag.

If you buy a guitar you can ask the salesperson to throw in a free gig bag as part of the deal. For more info see Buying A Guitar In A Guitar Store – Best Tips And Tricks! and Online Guitar Shopping – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

It’s usually best to have a hardshell case and get a gig bag as an alternate transport solution. Unfortunately, even a high-quality gig bag won’t offer as much protection as a well-made guitar case.

If you need something to temporarily store your guitar or keep it clean and dust-free when you are not playing it, then any gig bag may suffice.

If you plan to transport your guitar for short distances in a gig bag, buy one with at least 5mm of padding to protect it from being banged and is sturdy enough to hold the instrument safely. These bags are typically acceptable for going to and from local practice sessions.

For longer trips, like bus, train, or plane rides, get a gig bag with a minimum of 10mm of padding and is weather-resistant. A padding thickness of 20 to 25 mm is better. Generally speaking, the more padding and the sturdier the construction, the better.

If you have to take a gig bag on public transportation, never check it as a piece of luggage to be put in the cargo area. Instead, make special arrangements beforehand to take it on-board the passage area and keep it in a place where you can monitor it at all times.

Keeping your guitar in a gig bag when not in use may also discourage someone from stealing it. For more info, see How To Protect Your Guitar From Theft – Best Tips And Tricks.

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  • Who do you think makes the best guitar gig bags?
  • What problems have you experienced when using a gig bag?
  • After reading this article are you thinking about getting a gig bag for your guitar?

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6 thoughts on “Cheap Guitar Gig Bags – 8 Best Options For Under $100!”

  1. Good Morning,

    Thanks for this break down! I don’t play guitar but have always wanted to learn. I played Tenor Sax for a large chunk of my life but within the last decade have given it up. 

    I am actually surprised at how inexpensive these cases can be. Especially since some of them have a fair amount of padding and protection on them. I also really enjoyed that you placed the bag options by least expensive to most. Usually when I am shopping I like to start with the most inexpensive because I don’t want to get tempted by something I can’t afford! hah. 

    Its interesting how they are all shaped differently. Is there a reason for that? Or is it simply personal preference?

    My favorite was the protect hallow body electric guitar bag, gold series Model CF229. What’s your favorite of them all?

    Look forward to your response 🙂


    • Hi, Brooke

      Thank You for your comments!

      I’m thrilled that you found my article helpful! I think you should return to playing tenor sax and add guitar as a second instrument. You can never really get too much music, it makes everything better.?

      Gig bags can cost a lot more. However, these products in the lower price range can still provide adequate protection for your instrument. If you pay over $500 for a guitar, it will most likely come with a gig bag. Higher-end guitars usually come with a “deluxe” gig bag or hardshell case.

      The shape of a gig bag can vary, usually due to product branding, but also based on the size and shape of the guitars they are made for. The Protec hollow body electric guitar bag is designed primarily for acoustic instruments. In this price range, I would select that bag to carry my Ovation acoustic or Gibson ES-2335. I like the Fender FET-610 Electric Guitar Gig Bag and would use it for my Strat or Tele guitars.

      Hardshell cases are always best for long trips, where your guitar is likely to get mishandled in transport.


  2. Hi. I bought a hardshell case for a clone LP that I bought recently and it works well for my needs. I would just be a bit nervous about putting the guitar in a gig bag unless it was really well padded. I do have a gig bag for a cheap Jazz Bass clone that I own. I would not trust that in the elements for anything longer than walking between the door of my house and the backseat of the car. I also have a hard case for my Fender stat. There is no way I would take that guitar anywhere without a hard case. I do see people taking the train often with guitar gig bags on their backs. I usually assume they are traveling with a cheap guitar. There are some pretty good very low-cost guitars you can get today, it would be easy to spend more on an expensive gig bag. I agree with you – non-padded gig bags are to keep the dust off and transport when you are doing the carrying. Cheers, Andy

    • Hi, Andy

      Thanks for your comments!

      I have a whole room full of gig bags that came with the various guitars I own but I always transport my guitars in a hardshell case, although I wouldn’t have a problem taking one to a practice session in the back seat of my car.

      I think gig bags that are well-made and padded can be good alternatives when used as a backpack to free your hands for carrying other things.

      You might be surprised at the guitars that come with “deluxe” gig bags, including some PRS models!

      Many gig bags are advertised as “waterproof” but they are water-resistant at best.

      Les Pauls are heavy guitars and they can get badly damaged if they are accidentally dropped in a gig bag.

      I really like your approach to protecting your instruments!

      Keep on playing,


  3. I’m a guitar person so I often at times carry mine around but the bag that I have is pretty dull and simple. The Protec Electric guitar bag is a little expensive but personally I’d prefer that one. It was pretty sugar-coated in your review post and I truly fell in love with it. Thanks for the review

    • Hi, Nelsonpriest

      Thank You for your comments!

      The Protec electric guitar gig bag is a nice product for the money. Be sure that it’s a good fit for the type of guitar you have. If you have a flat solid-body guitar, like a Strat or Tele, you might be better off with something like the Fender FET-610 gig bag, and it’s a little cheaper.

      Good Luck,



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