Eminence GA10 SC64 Review – The Ultimate Tone Upgrade!

In this Eminence GA10 SC64 review, I’ll reveal why this guitar speaker is a legendary choice for guitarists seeking a mid-’60s American sound and why I think it also works great for British tones with the right amplifier. I’ll also delve into the technical specifications, highlight the pros and cons, discuss key features and benefits, and explore the remarkable tone and performance of the speaker that helped forge the sound of Rock and Roll!

This 10-inch speaker is part of the Signature Series by Eminence, developed in collaboration with British guitar virtuoso George Alessandro.

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Key Takeaways

The Eminence GA10 SC64 is an excellent choice for mid-’60s American tone with a tight bass, a warm midrange, and a high-end sparkle. This 10-inch speaker has a power-handling capacity of 20 Watts and comes in 8 and 16 Ohm impedance models. It’s essential to match the speaker power and impedance to that of your guitar amplifier!

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What Is The Eminence GA10 SC64?

Eminence GA10 SC64 Review - Speaker image, front view

The Eminence GA10 SC64 is a 10-inch guitar speaker with a power handling of 20 Watts. This speaker is available with an impedance of 8 or 16 Ohms and has a ceramic magnet.

It features a well-balanced tight, punchy tone with nice warmth, richness, and sparkling highs.

The Alessandro GA10 SC64 is a durable and reliable speaker that can withstand the rigors of both studio and live performances.

Who Is George Alessandro?

George Alessandro is highly respected in the world of music equipment and sound engineering. He’s best known as the founder of Alessandro High-End Products, which specializes in hand-crafted, high-quality guitar amplifiers and other musical electronics.

His understanding of tone and innovative approach to design has produced many of the most sought-after amplifiers.

What makes this speaker special is that it’s part of the Signature Series by Eminence, developed in collaboration with amp guru George Alessandro.

Eminence GA10 SC64 Vs. GA10 SC59

The Eminence GA10-SC64 and GA10-SC59 are both 10-inch guitar speakers. The GA10-SC64 creates sounds representative of the mid-’60s straight-ahead Rock tone, while the GA10-SC59 is designed to give you more of a mid-’50s “tweedy” sound.

So the big differences are that the GA10-SC64 has a ceramic magnet with high-end “sparkle” and a slightly higher frequency range than the GA10-SC59, which has an Alnico magnet and high-end “chime.”

Check out the table below:

Amplifier Era19641959
ToneMore high-end “sparkle”More high-end “chime”
Alessandro ApprovedYesYes
Power20 Watts RMS20 Watts RMS
Impedance8 and 16-Ohms8 and 16-Ohms
Frequency Range100 Hz – 5.5 kHz100 Hz – 5.3 kHz

My Personal Favorite Is The SC64; Here’s Why

I’ve played through both speaker types, and they each sound great. However, if I had to choose one, I would prefer the overall sound of the Eminence GA10-SC64 over the GA10 SC59 model. The GA10-SC64 sounds a little more balanced and richer to my ears, especially for rhythm playing.

However, I’d like to hear a 2×10 cabinet loaded with one GA10-SC64 and one GA10 SC59.

Eminence GA10 SC64 – Cheat Sheet

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ☆ 9.4 Out Of 10

Street Price $115

The Eminence GA10 SC64 is a 10-inch speaker with a ceramic magnet, designed to give your amp a mid-’60s sound. It has a rich and well-balanced tone.

If you want to go directly to the Eminence GA10 SC64 specs, then click here.


✅ Exceptional Tone

✅ Versatility

✅ Durable And Reliable


❌ Power Handling Limitation

❌ Not Ideal For Heavy Metal

❌ Limited Bass Response



9.6 Out Of 10

Overall Quality


9.7 Out Of 10



9.2 Out Of 10



9.0 Out Of 10

Eminence Company Profile

Eminence GA10 SC64 Review - Company logo

Eminence Speaker LLC has been a leading global manufacturer of loudspeakers and high-frequency devices since its inception in 1966. The company is headquartered in Eminence, Kentucky, where it has grown into a world-renowned brand with over 200 employees.

Eminence’s products are known for their superior quality and innovation. The company produces a broad range of speakers that cater to various applications, including professional audio, musical instrument, car audio, and home hi-fi systems. All Eminence speakers are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, reinforcing their commitment to quality and performance.

Their manufacturing facility uses powder coating, an environmentally safer alternative to high VOC liquid coatings, and their UV printing process reduces VOC emissions by 75% compared to traditional methods.

Eminence takes great pride in its quality and customer service, with an impressive warranty period and a history of standing behind its products.

Who Is The Eminence GA10 SC64 For?

The Eminence GA10 SC64 is a versatile guitar speaker that caters to a broad range of guitarists. Here’s who this speaker is particularly well-suited for.

Beginning And Professional Musicians

With its premium tonal qualities, the GA10 SC64 is an excellent choice for guitar hobbyists and professional musicians who are after a rich and expressive tone.

It’s particularly well-suited to those who play genres that thrive on a warm, vintage character with clear highs and mids, such as blues, rock, and jazz. The speaker’s robust build and reliability also mean it can handle the rigors of the road.

Guitarists Seeking to Upgrade Their Sound

If you’re a guitarist looking to elevate the quality of your sound, the GA10 SC64 can be a significant upgrade. Whether you’re replacing an old speaker or looking to improve a cheaper cabinet, this Eminence speaker can provide a noticeable improvement.

I’ve used this speaker as an upgrade in a variety of Fender ’50s and mid-’60s reissue combo amps. The sound is rich and particularly suited to hybrid pick and finger playing, although you could pull off any genre outside of drop-tuning Metal!

Studio Recording Players

Given its power rating and exceptional tonal response, this speaker is a fantastic choice for home and professional studio use. When laying down tracks for a recording, the GA10 SC64 can deliver high-quality sound with a responsive character and rich harmonic distortion to capture every subtlety of your playing!

Eminence GA10 SC64 Specifications

Here are the most useful specs for the Eminence GA10 SC64 speaker.

Speaker Size10-inch
Power Handling20 Watts RMS
Impedance8 Ohms or 16 Ohms
Sensitivity98.2 dB
Frequency Range100 Hz – 5.5 kHz
Voice Coil Diameter1.00”
Magnet TypeCeramic
Weight3.3 lbs
Warranty7 Years

What’s In The Box?

What's In The Box - An empty box with a question mark on it
  • One Eminence GA10 SC64 speaker
  • Installation Guide

Features And Benefits

My Guitar Lair - Features and Benefits Section

Check Out These Great Eminence GA10 SC64 Features.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Eminence has a longstanding reputation for crafting exceptional speakers. Their speakers are great all-around replacements for vintage and modern guitar amplifiers. This company backs up its commitment to quality by manufacturing all its products to exacting stands in the USA.

Seamless Integration

The Eminence GA10 SC64 comes in 8 and 16 Ohm impedance, which makes it usable in any speaker cabinet wiring configuration, with series, parallel, or series-parallel wiring.


The Eminence GA10 SC64 truly shines when it comes to performance. Its tone is often described as having an American “vintage character” but with a modern touch, while being incredibly responsive to the player’s touch. It breaks up smoothly when pushed, providing a harmonically rich distortion that is full and dynamic.

Seven Year Warranty

All Eminence speakers come with a 7-year warranty, which is one of the highest warranties in the industry! This is a testament to the quality and durability of the Eminence GA10 SC64!

Attractively Priced

The Eminence GA10 SC64 is attractively priced at $115 (street). This is a very competitive price for a speaker of this quality and one of its major selling points. Money matters, especially if you’re loading up a 4×12 speaker cabinet or two!

What I Like About It

My Guitar Lair - Pros (Thumbs Up) Section

Exceptional Tone

This Eminence speaker is renowned for its exceptional tone, drawing from the finest traditions of classic American Rock. I use it in a 2 x 10 cabinet with an Orange Tiny Terror amp, which gives me a great British Rock sound! It offers an engaging sonic experience with clear highs, well-defined mids, and a tight low end. The tonal balance is exceptional, letting every nuance of your playing shine through.


The GA10 SC64 is a versatile speaker capable of handling a wide variety of musical styles. Whether you’re playing blues, rock, jazz, or country, this speaker will deliver your tone with great clarity and richness.

Durable And Reliable

The Eminence GA10 SC64 is known for its durability and reliability. This is a speaker that is built to last, and it will serve you well for many years, even if you take it on the road.

What You Might Not Like About It

My Guitar Lair - Cons (Thumbs Down) Section

Power Handling Limitation

The Eminence GA10 SC64 has a power handling capacity of 20 Watts. Therefore, more than one speaker may be required for guitarists who prefer higher-wattage amplifiers. To avoid potential damage, it’s essential to ensure that your amplifier’s power output matches the speaker’s capabilities.

For example, using the GA10 SC64 with a 50 Watt amp works best with four speakers in a 4×12 cabinet configuration. For a 100 Watt amp, I recommend using two 4×12 cabinets to prevent speaker damage.

Not The Best Choice For High-Gain Metal

While the GA10 SC64 is versatile and performs well across a range of genres, it may not be the best choice for extremely high-gain metal styles with drop tunings. Its tonal character is more suited to genres that thrive on a vintage character and balanced sound.

Limited Bass Response

Some users might find the bass response of the GA10 SC64 a bit limited, especially if they prefer a more heavy, bass-oriented tone. This is partly due to its design and size, which favors mids and highs. A tighter bass response is a common trait of 10-inch speakers.

Other Things To Consider

Here are some of the things that might factor into your decision to purchase this speaker.

What Sets Eminence GA10 SC64 Apart From Its Competitors?

Signature Series Status

The GA10 SC64 is part of Eminence’s Signature Series, developed in collaboration with George Alessandro. This association with a renowned audio engineer adds credibility, uniqueness, and tonal quality to the speaker.

Manufacturer Reputation

Eminence is a well-established brand with a reputation for quality and reliability in the industry. Buying an Eminence speaker means you’re investing in a product from a company with a proven track record.

Environmental Friendliness

Eminence’s manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, meeting or exceeding all U.S. environmental protection agency regulations. This can be a significant advantage for those concerned about their environmental impact.

Are There Older Versions Of The Eminence GA10 SC64?

No, there is only one version of this speaker. The Eminence GA10 SC64 8 and the Eminence GA10 SC64 16 are the 8 and 16-ohm versions of the same speaker. They have the same design and sound characteristics.

Comparable Products To Consider

Here are three other guitar speakers you could consider if you’re looking at the Eminence GA10 SC64. Each has its unique features, so you might want to see which one best fits your needs:

Celestion G10 Greenback

The G10 Greenback delivers the rich, warm tones of the larger 12″ Greenback but in a 10″ format. With a ceramic magnet and a power rating of 30W, it’s a good choice if you need a slightly more powerful speaker with a vintage tone.

Jensen C10Q Vintage Ceramic

This 10″ speaker is well-regarded for its vintage tone that breaks up nicely with an edgy, biting character. It has loose lows, aggressive mids, and bright highs. With a ceramic magnet and a 35W power rating, it offers a bit more power than the GA10 SC64.

Weber 10F150

The 10F150 is designed for a mid 60’s sound, characterized by a tight bottom end, balanced mids, and smooth highs, with a fairly aggressive breakup. It has a ceramic magnet and is available in both 25W and 50W models, giving you flexibility in power options.

Key Decision Making Factors

Before purchasing the Eminence GA10 SC64 speaker, several key decision-making factors must be considered.

Evaluate the speaker for:

  • Tonal Preference
  • Musical Genre
  • Playing Style
  • Power Handling Capability
  • Amplifier Compatibility
  • Cabinet Configuration
  • Budget

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the speaker’s technical specifications and try it with an amplifier similar to a design you like. In addition, there are many YouTube videos that will give you an excellent idea of the speaker’s tonal characteristics.

User Reviews

Many users appreciate the GA10 SC64’s excellent tonal balance, versatility, and durability. They find its ability to deliver both warm vintage and clear, modern tones to be one of its standout features. The speaker’s responsive character is also often highlighted, as it interacts well with different playing styles, techniques, and pedals.

However, some users mention its limitations for certain genres, such as high-gain metal styles. Additionally, some might point out that it may not be loud enough when used in a single speaker configuration for larger gigs or settings requiring high-volume output.

It consistently gets high marks for tonal excellence, versatility, dynamic response, reliability & durability. It has gotten a 4.8/5.0-star review from 46 people on Amazon, and it’s an “Amazon’s Choice” item.

Beware Of Speaker Ratings!

Beware of an issue in this review

The most important thing to know about installing or changing speakers is that the new speaker must be rated to work properly with the amplifier. So, you need to match the new speaker’s impedance and power handling capability to what you originally had.

So, if your cabinet has more than one speaker, depending on the way they are wired (in series, parallel, or series-parallel), the total impedance and power handling must match your amplifier’s ratings.

Therefore, you can’t swap out a single 10-inch speaker rated at 8 ohms for another rated at 16 ohms unless your amp is designed to run at both impedances. Always match or exceed the old speaker’s power handling capability to avoid damaging it.

If you’re not sure, it’s always best to ask someone who knows!

Is The Eminence GA10 SC64 Legit?

My Guitar Lair - A scale trying to balance a guitar player on one side and a stack of coins on the other side.

I have an Orange Rocker 2×10″ 30-watt Stereo Tube Combo amp with two Eminence GA10 SC64 speakers that sounds phenomenal with a variety of single-coil and humbucker-equipped guitars! The speakers have a vintage sparkle with a standard Strat and really come to life when pushed hard with a Les Paul. They also take dirt pedals well.

Eminence is a renowned brand in the guitar speaker industry, known for producing high-quality speakers that have been widely used by professional musicians, recording studios, and guitarists of all levels for many decades.

The GA10 SC64 has undoubtedly earned its “tried and true” reputation for durability and reliability over the years. Eminence speakers have been extensively road-tested with an excellent performance record.

However, purchasing the speaker from an authorized dealer or reputable source is essential, so you can be confident that it is in new or undamaged used condition. If you buy a used speaker, be sure to try it with an amplifier that has an equivalent power output and that there is a reasonable return policy.

It’s difficult to find combo amps that come preloaded with the GA10 SC64. It’s more of a replacement speaker.

So, if you’re interested in grabbing an Eminence GA10 SC64 for yourself, just click the button below to check availability, user reviews, and current pricing. They tend to go out of stock quickly, but I highly recommend them!

Are You Qualified To Make Amp Modifications?

Guitar tube amplifier

It’s great to work on your amplifiers, especially if you have a lot of them, but you should always be aware of your limitations.

Adjusting or modifying the electronics of a guitar amplifier can put you at risk for electrocution, which can seriously injure you or result in death, especially when working with tube amps!

Vacuum tubes run on 500 to 650 Volts or higher! So even if you unplug the amplifier, the electrolytic capacitors can still store a dangerously high voltage for an extended period of time.

When you doubt your ability to adjust, repair, or modify your amplifier, it’s always best to bring it to a certified repair center. You can damage your amplifier, which might never work or sound right again!

Modifying your amplifier can void its manufacturer’s warranty, even something as simple as speaker replacement! Certain modifications are irreversible, so you may be stuck with them, even if you desperately want to restore the amplifier to its original condition!

I learned that the hard way over the years until I did a three-year apprenticeship in a guitar and amplifier repair shop. Now I have my own home workshop with the proper training and equipment to re-bias, repair, and modify all my amplifiers safely.

Remember: “When In Doubt, Send It Out!”

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the questions I get asked about the Eminence GA10 SC64.

If your question does not appear here, please put it in the comments, and I will get right back to you with an answer.

What Genres Are The GA10 SC64 Suited For?

The GA10 SC64 is versatile and well-suited for a variety of genres, including blues, rock, jazz, and country.

Is The GA10 SC64 Suitable For Metal Music?

While it can handle a variety of genres, the GA10 SC64 may not be the best choice for extremely high-gain metal styles with drop tunings due to its vintage character.

Is The GA10 SC64 Durable?

Yes, Eminence has a reputation for building durable speakers, and the GA10 SC64 is designed to withstand regular use and road travel.

Where Is The GA10 SC64 Manufactured?

The GA10 SC64 is manufactured in the USA by Eminence.

Is The GA10 SC64 Easy To Install?

Yes, like most speakers, the GA10 SC64 can be easily installed in any compatible speaker cabinet or amplifier.

Is The GA10 SC64 Good For Gigging?

Yes, the GA10 SC64 is suitable for gigging, especially in small to medium-sized venues. You can mic a low-wattage amp into the house PA system if you have a low-wattage amp.

Can The GA10 SC64 Be Used In A Bass Amp?

The GA10 SC64 is primarily designed for guitar amps, not bass amps. Using it in a bass amp may not yield the best results due to its tonal characteristics. The speaker could be damaged due to its low power rating when played at higher volumes.

Can I Use The GA10 SC64 In A Multi-Speaker Setup?

Yes, as long as your amplifier can support the total impedance of the speakers, the GA10 SC64 can be used in a multi-speaker setup. Always check the specifications of your amp to ensure compatibility.

Does the GA10 SC64 Require A Break-In Period?

Yes, like most speakers, the GA10 SC64 may require a break-in period to reach its optimal tonal character. This period allows the speaker’s components to loosen up and respond better.

How Does The GA10 SC64 Perform At Low Volumes?

The GA10 SC64 performs well at low volumes, maintaining its tone and clarity. This makes it a good choice for practice and studio recording as well.

How Does The GA10 SC64 Handle High Volumes?

The GA10 SC64 handles high volumes well, producing clear tones without significant distortion. However, its 20W power rating might not be sufficient for very large venues without mixing it into the PA system.

Where Can I Buy The GA10 SC64?

The GA10 SC64 can be purchased from Amazon or authorized Eminence dealers in physical retail stores.

What Is The Warranty On The GA10 SC64?

Eminence offers a seven-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects on the GA10 SC64.

What Is The Return Policy For The GA10 SC64?

The return policy for the GA10 SC64 depends on the retailer from which you purchase the speaker. It’s always a good idea to check the return policy before making a purchase.

What Type Of Sound Can I Expect From The GA10 SC64?

The GA10 SC64 is known for delivering a balanced American sound with a mid-’60s vintage character. It produces a tight, focused low-end with a rich, warm, full-bodied midrange and clear, sparkling highs.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this Eminence GA10 SC64 review helpful. At this point, you should be in a position to decide if this speaker is right for you.

This 20 Watt 10-inch speaker is available in an impedance of 8 and 16-Ohm. It is part of the Signature Series by Eminence, developed in collaboration with amp guru George Alessandro.

The Eminence GA10 SC64 is a top-tier speaker that offers an impressive mix of durability, versatility, and excellent tonal quality. If you’re looking to upgrade your sound to an American mid-’60s performance and want a speaker built to last, this should be on the top of your list.

It is made in the USA and comes with a 7-year warranty! Although Installing or replacing speakers is relatively straightforward, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, take your amplifier to a certified repair center.

While it might not be suitable for very high-gain genres with drop tunings or extremely loud settings due to its 20W rating, for small to medium-sized gigs, or studio work, this speaker is more than capable. Its tonal character and rich, full-bodied sound can take your guitar playing to the next level.

If you are a fan of American mid-’60s Rock, loading your amp or speaker cabinet with the Eminence GA10 SC64 is a must!

So, be sure to check out the GA10 SC64 speaker availability, user reviews, and current pricing on Amazon.

Check Out The Sound Of The Eminence GA10 SC64

Here’s a YouTube video from Alberto Barrero demoing an MPF hardwired 5 Watt single-channel tube amp with an 8 Ohm Eminence GA10 SC64 speaker.

It has the following tube layout: 12AX7 preamp, 6V6GT amp, EZ81 rectifier, 12DW7 reverb, and 12AX7 tremolo.

The sound of this amp with the Eminence GA10 SC64 speaker is absolutely amazing!


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6 thoughts on “Eminence GA10 SC64 Review – The Ultimate Tone Upgrade!”

  1. After reading this Eminence GA10 SC64 review, I am impressed with the detailed analysis provided by the author. As a guitarist, I am always on the lookout for equipment that can help me achieve the sound I’m looking for. The collaboration between Eminence and George Alessandro to produce this speaker is remarkable. I am intrigued by the comparison between the GA10-SC64 and GA10-SC59, and I appreciate the author’s personal experience with both models. Thank you

    • Hi, Akumendoh

      Thanks, so much, for your kind words!

      The GA10-SC64 and GA10-SC59 are both awesome choices for replacement speakers! You really can’t go wrong with an Eminence speaker.

      Rock On! 🤘
      Frank 🎸

  2. As a dedicated guitarist constantly on the quest for the perfect tone, stumbling upon this immersive post on My Guitar Lair was an electrifying experience that resonated deeply with my own encounter with the Eminence GA10-SC64 speaker. 

    From the moment I plugged my guitar into this sonic powerhouse, I was transported to a realm of musical bliss. Your review eloquently captures the essence of the GA10-SC64, but words alone cannot truly encapsulate the transformative impact it had on my playing experience. 

    The speaker’s rich and vibrant tones, with a perfect balance of warmth and clarity, brought my guitar to life like never before. Whether I was unleashing soaring lead lines or crafting intricate chord progressions, every note was rendered with exceptional precision and depth, adding a new dimension to my sound. The GA10-SC64’s responsiveness to my playing dynamics allowed me to express myself with unparalleled expressiveness and nuance. It literally breathed new life into my favorite riffs and compositions, inspiring me to explore new musical territories. 

    • Hi, Dave

      Thank You for your comments!

      I fully agree with your assessment. The Eminence GA10-SC64 speaker’s tone never ceases to impress me. It’s a one of a kind 10-inch speaker.

      Rock On! 🤘
      Frank 🎸

  3. Literally every other review and listing of this speaker (GA10-SC64), including the Eminence website, describes it as having a vintage American tone. I haven’t seen this described as a British tone anywhere else.
    I have seen others say it’s good for anything but metal, but I told Eminence that I’m looking for a 10″ speaker to use for recording at low volume of chuggy mid-scooped high gain ‘metal’-type stuff and this is the speaker they suggested. I don’t have it yet so I can’t say if it’s working out for that, so we’ll see…

    • Hi, that’s true.

      However, in my personal experience, I’ve found that this speaker can give a good American and British tone. It depends on what you use to drive it.

      I bought a used Mesa Boogie open-back 2×10 cab that came loaded with GA10-SC64 speakers. I have it hooked up to my Orange Tiny Terror amp, and it gives a great British tone.

      If I run my Les Paul through a Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal into this rig, I’m in Metal heaven! ?

      Please let me know your final verdict when you get the speaker.

      Rock On! ?
      Frank ?


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