Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review – 3 Great Looks!

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review - The three available Stratocaster models

In this Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster review, you’ll learn what this event is all about and what Fender is doing to celebrate the occasion.

Did you know that Fender has released a series of limited-issue guitars to commemorate its anniversary?

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to get yourself a very special guitar that plays like a dream and will have value as a collector’s item!

Why Is Fender Having An Anniversary?

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review - The Fender Logo in Red

Fender is celebrating its 75th anniversary in business as a premier maker of fine musical instruments, including guitars, amps, effects pedals, and accessories.

If you know anything about electric guitars, then you are undoubtedly familiar with the Fender name and its basic legacy.

Fender first opened their doors in 1946 in Fullerton, California, U.S.A., as the “Fender Electric Instrument Company.” At that time, the company was owned and operated by Leo Fender.

Leo sold Fender and all its subsidiaries to the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) in 1965. In 1985, company employees purchased Fender, and it was renamed “Fender Musical Instruments Corporation” (FMIC).

Fender 75th Anniversary Guitars And Bass Guitars

To celebrate their 75 years in business, Fender designed a series of 8 instruments from their most popular models of guitars and bass guitars.

They include 75th Anniversary and 75th Anniversary Commemorative (upscaled with more options and appointments) versions of the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass, and Precision Bass.

There are also options to purchase Fender Custom Shop versions of these instruments.

In this article, I am specifically covering the Stratocaster models.

Three Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Models To Choose From!

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review – Three cupcakes with sparkling candles

Here are the three Stratocaster guitars that Fender has released as their 75th Anniversary Limited Edition series. They are expected to become collector’s items, like their 25th and 50th Anniversary models.

In addition to the basic anniversary and commemorative Strat models, a Custom Shop (team-built) model is also available.

The three guitar models have distinctly different neck shapes, which each provide a unique playing experience.

If you are interested in purchasing a Masterbuilt 75th Anniversary Strat, then contact an authorized Fender retail dealer for more information.

See the comparison table below for more specific information about each of the three 75th Anniversary Strat models.

75th Anniversary Stratocaster

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review - Basic Strat

The 75th Anniversary Stratocaster is Fender’s basic model, which comes in their “Diamond Anniversary” finish with a matching painted headstock. It is striking to look at and reasonably priced at about $850.

It has an alder body and a modern “C” shape maple neck. This Mexican-made guitar is powered by 3 Vintage-Style ’60s Single-Coil Strat pickups. A deluxe gig bag is included.

75th Anniversary Commemorative Stratocaster

Compared to the basic anniversary model, the 75th Anniversary Commemorative Stratocaster has a fabulous-looking “2-Color Bourbon Burst” finish and several upgrades. However, it might be a little pricey at just under $2,000.

It has an ash body and a Deep “C” shape maple neck. The electronics are upgraded to 3 Custom Shop Fat ’60s Single-Coil Strat (RWRP Middle) pickups.

It is made in California, has locking tuners, and comes with a Deluxe Molded Hardshell case.

Custom Shop Limited Edition NOS Stratocaster

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review - Custom Shop Strat

The Custom Shop Limited Edition NOS Stratocaster is the ultimate in Fender’s 75th Anniversary range. It is team-built and has the looks and quality you expect in a custom shop model.

At under $4,500, it’s a pretty good deal for a limited edition custom shop guitar and a great investment as a collector’s item. But, of course, it’s on the pricey side, as all custom shop guitars are. The guitar is made in Corona, California.

What Makes It So Special?

The guitar’s “Diamond White Pearl” finish and 1-ply gold anodized aluminum pickguard really make a stunning combination!

The body is made from 2-Piece Select Alder with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish, which helps the wood breathe as it ages and improves the sound. It has a gorgeous 60s Oval “C” shape 5A Birdseye Maple neck that just begs to be played!

The fingerboard is made from “round-lam” (round laminated to the neck, not “slab-board”) AAA Rosewood.

Unlike the 75th Anniversary basic and commemorative models, which have 22 medium-jumbo frets, this custom shop guitar has 21 narrow-tall frets and mother of pearl dots to give it a more vintage feel.

It has Custom Shop Hand-Wound Fat ’60s Single-Coil Strat (RWRP Middle) pickups as an ultimate electronics upgrade! It also has “Fat ’50s Strat wiring”, which Fender claims gives it a “powerful tone with transparent bloom.”

The custom shop vintage synchronized tremolo will make you feel like you are in “whammy bar heaven.”

Join The “Custom Shop Club”

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review – The Fender Custom Shop logo

This guitar gives you all the bragging rights, with the “Custom Shop” logo on the headstock and 4-bolt neck plate, and a certificate of authenticity.

A Deluxe Hardshell Case, strap, and all the case candy make this guitar a dream come true!

In case you don’t know, NOS (new old stock) is Fender’s “relicing designation” for “just like when they left the Fender factory,” which means the guitar looks and plays as if you bought it new.

For more information on how Fender classifies their guitars, see the “Fender Custom Shop Vintage Telecasters” section in the article Best Telecaster Players – These Tele Masters Will Shock You!

To see how great these guitars really look and sound, check out this Fender video, where Eugene Edwards plays the basic and commemorative Strat models as well as both Tele models.

If you want to learn more about Fender’s new “Tone Master” amps, like the one Eugene is using, then see Fender Tone Master Review – Check Out The New Super Reverb!

My Guitar Lair - Features and Benefits Section

Feature Comparison For The 75th Anniversary Strats

Here are the features and specifications of the three Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocasters that are currently available.

All prices are subject to change but reflect the retail cost at the time of this article’s publication.

SpecAnniversary Strat
Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review - Basic Strat
Commemorative Strat
Custom Shop Strat
Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review - Custom Shop Strat
Price$849.99 (retail)$1,949.99 (retail)$4,400 (team-built retail)
MaterialAlderAsh2-Piece Select Alder
ColorDiamond Anniversary With
Matching Painted Headstock
2-Color Bourbon BurstDiamond White Pearl
FinishGloss PolyesterGloss UrethaneNitrocellulose Lacquer
MaterialMapleMaple5A Birdseye Maple
FinishSatin Urethane (back)
Gloss Urethane (front)
Satin Urethane (back)
Gloss Urethane (front)
Nitrocellulose Lacquer
ShapeModern “C”Deep “C”60s Oval “C”
Scale Length25.5″ (648 mm)25.5″ (648 mm)25.5″ (648 mm)
Maple (no cap)Maple (no cap)Round-Lam
AAA Rosewood
9.5″ (241 mm)9.5″ (241 mm)9.5″ (241 mm)
Frets22 Medium Jumbo22 Medium Jumbo21 Narrow Tall
NutSynthetic BoneBoneBone
Nut Width1.650″ (42 mm)1.685″ (42.8 mm)1.650″ (42 mm)
Position InlaysBlack DotBlack DotMother Of Pearl Dot
Pickups3 Vintage-Style ’60s
Single-Coil Strat
3 Custom Shop Fat ’60s
Single-Coil Strat
(RWRP Middle Pickup)
Custom Shop Hand-Wound
Fat ’60s Single-Coil Strat
(RWRP Middle Pickup)
ControlsMaster Volume
Tone 1. (Neck/Middle)
Tone 2. (Bridge Pickup)
Master Volume
Tone 1. (Neck Pickup)
Tone 2. (Bridge/Middle)
Master Volume
Tone 1. (Neck/Middle)
Tone 2. (Bridge Pickup)
Switching5-Position Blade With
Standard Switching
5-Position Blade With
Standard Switching
5-Position Blade With
Standard Switching
Bridge2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with
Bent Steel Saddles
2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with
Bent Steel Saddles
Pop-In Tremolo Arm
Cold-Rolled Steel Block
Custom Shop
Vintage Synchronized Tremolo
Standard Cast/SealedModern Locking Short-Post 
White Pearloid Buttons
Vintage-Style/Fender Logo
White Pearl Buttons
Pickguard3-Ply Black/White/Black3-Ply Mint Green1-Ply
Gold Anodized Aluminum
Parchment PlasticAged White PlasticVintage White
Switch TipParchmentAged WhiteVintage White
Neck Plate4-Bolt4-Bolt4-Bolt With
Custom Shop Logo
Deluxe Gig BagDeluxe Molded HardshellDeluxe Hardshell Case
Certificate of

So, Which Guitar Should You Buy?

These three guitars are all real beauties in their own right, but if you’re ready to take the plunge, then which one do you go for? One obvious answer is the amount of money you have to spend.

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review – A man playing a guitar

The basic 75th-anniversary model is realistically doable for most guitar players that have been at it for a while, with some money coming in or put away for just such a purchase. However, if you want a really sharp-looking guitar that will play and sound great, then definitely put this axe on your radar! I love the colored body and matching headstock combination.

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review – The Fender 75th Anniversary Logo

For those guitar players that are up for spending an extra thousand dollars and can’t do without the 2-Color Bourbon Burst paint job, then the 75th-anniversary commemorative model might be the way to go. However, I’d personally rather use the money to buy both the basic 75th-anniversary Strat and Tele and still save about $250.

Collectors or those that really appreciate all the little things that make a guitar look, play, and sound great should consider investing in the 75th-Anniversary Custom Shop Strat. Unfortunately, you would probably have to keep a guitar like this for at least 5 to 10 years before you see a decent resale profit on your investment, even though it’s a limited edition piece.

If you’re like me, then you play all your guitars. Of course, this would make all these guitars less valuable in the long run, but that wouldn’t stop me from buying any of them. When I started writing this review, I actually considered buying all three (unbelievable, right?)!

What I like About These Guitars

My Guitar Lair - Pros (Thumbs Up) Section

I think Fender did an excellent job designing these guitars to celebrate their diamond anniversary. Each guitar is special in its own right. Here are some of the things that really stand out among them.

  • Each guitar has a unique limited edition finish, regardless of its cost. Just one look, and you want to buy all three guitars. I can dream, can’t I?
  • Even the basic guitar model includes a deluxe gig bag to keep it safe. It would be hard to imagine putting this guitar in a cheap gig bag or case.
  • They are all destined to be collectible instruments, even if you play them regularly.

What I Don’t Like About These Guitars

My Guitar Lair - Cons (Thumbs Down) Section

There’s not much to dislike about the 75th-anniversary series guitars, no matter how you look at it. However, there are a few things I would like to mention here.

  • A student (entry-level) anniversary Strat would have been a nice idea so that everyone could afford to get in on the fun of owning one.
  • The fender 75th-anniversary commemorative Stratocaster is over twice the cost of the basic model. I’m not really sure you get more than twice the guitar for your money. However, the guitar looks so awesome that I would buy it if I had room for one more.
  • The team-built Custom Shop model is at the high-end of what you might expect to pay for a guitar like this. Unfortunately, you can buy some masterbuilt models for about $1,000 more at the time of this writing. Still, that doesn’t really mean that this guitar is not worth the investment, and it’s an outrageously nice-looking axe!

To be clear, if money is not a big issue, then there’s not really much to talk about in the minus department. Fender has come through in spades with some really outstanding instruments!

What Is The Fender 75th Anniversary Book?

Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review – A photo of the "Fender 75 Years" book

To add to the fun of the celebration, Motorbooks will be releasing their historical retrospective, “Fender 75 Years.”

It is a Fender officially licensed book that will be available in hardcover for $50 on September 21, 2021. In addition, a $175 deluxe limited (500 copy) collectible edition has a tentative release date of October 19, 2021.

Fender 75 years is 224 pages of guitar, amp, and ad splendor! It was written by Dave Hunter, a musician and journalist who has authored several books and contributed to “Guitar Player” and “Vintage Guitar” magazines.

Through the course of the book, it chronicles the birth and evolution of the guitar company that would become almost synonymous with the electric guitar. In addition, it is loaded with high-quality black and white and color photos that really bring the book to life.

I highly recommend you get your copy as soon as it becomes available. I have already ordered mine!

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Fender has designed three exceptional guitars to celebrate their 75 years of making some of the industry’s most iconic musical instruments and amplifiers. Each guitar pays homage to Fender’s ongoing commitment to giving players the tools they need to take their music to the next level with style.

Like the 25th and 50th anniversary Strats, these diamond anniversary limited editions are destined to become more valuable over time. As a result, collectors will want to purchase the custom shop model as an investment piece.

With three price ranges to choose from, you can get the guitar that’s right for you before they disappear. Remember, diamonds are a Strat’s best friend!

Tell Me What You Think

A rock band of figures made from nuts and bolts.

Would you mind leaving a comment below if you enjoyed this Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster review, have any questions about these guitars, or want to leave your own personal review? I will be happy to help you.

  • What do you think about these 75th anniversary guitars?
  • Which fender anniversary Stratocaster do you think is the best buy for the money?
  • After reading this review, are you thinking of checking out these guitars?
  • Will you be buying the “Fender 75 Years” book?

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14 thoughts on “Fender 75th Anniversary Stratocaster Review – 3 Great Looks!”

  1. I have to admit I do not know that much about guitar manufacturers. However, it sounds like Fender is a good, quality product. I like how you compared the three aniversary stratocaster guitars in a chart. That is very useful for comparative shoppers. It seems like they are a bit pricey, but I’m sure they are worth it. Thanks for the review.


    • Hi, Nina

      Thank You for your comments!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article.

      Fender makes great guitars and amps. The lowest-priced guitar in this series is a good buy, while the other two may be a little overpriced, depending on your point of view.

  2. Hi Frank. I am actually a drummer who also plays bass. I have an old 69 P-Bass, same model James Jamerson use to play as the Motown bassist. It’s always nice to chop it up with fellow musicians. If you could only choose 1 guitar to play the rest of your life, what would you choose? If I had to pick one kit, it would be the Ludwig Vistalites, over sized like John Bohnam used and the 69 P-Bass would definitely be my choice to be stuck with. What about you?

    • Hi, Timo

      Thank You for your comments!

      A 69 P-Bass is an awesome guitar, so don’t let that one go!

      John Bonham was an amazing drummer. His son Jason is also very impressive. I’ll have to check out the Ludwig Vistalites to get more familiar with it.

      I don’t know about the guitar I’d choose, maybe my Gibson Angus Young Signature SG. It has a great tone and can overdrive just about any amp, even at low volumes. I love the upper register access on SG guitars.


    • Hi, Larry

      Thank You for reading my article and for your comment!

      The Fender 75th Anniversary edition guitars (Strat, Tele, etc.) are made in Mexico.
      The 75th Anniversary commemorative edition guitars are made in California.
      The 75th Anniversary Custom Shop Strat is made in Corona, California.


  3. Great article. I scrimped and saved to buy the commemorative edition not knowing about the custom one. I now feel I missed out. I love the burboun burst color the best but still feel an empty pit in my stomach. With the money I saved I was able to buy the Majestic black American ULTRA HH Telecaster with the 2 humbuckers and a floating Floyd Rose tremelo system ( on payments through Zzounds ). But I also bought the Acoustisonic Cocobolo Telecaster for about 3000$ ( I put it on layaway ). My hope is all of these guitars will become rare collectors items. I feel with these three guitars my Fender collection is now complete. My new agenda is Gibson Les Paul’s. I have a Honeyburst classic 60’s neck and would like the Slash Appetite Amber burst and a Black Premier or a Black custom I saw for about 3600$ . What do you think of my collection aspiration as a whole? Do you think all of these guitars will go up in value? Basically am I making any right decisions at all? You’re opinion is greatly appreciated! Sincerely Pat Bewley

    • Hi, Pat

      First, Thank You for your comments!

      Second, GREAT collection of Strats & Teles!! If you hold on to these guitars long enough, they will eventually become rare collector’s items. However, their monetary value will also depend on how you keep them. Obviously, if they are in mint condition with all the case candy, etc., they will increase in value. It’s hard to put an actual dollar amount on what your guitars will be worth X amount of years from now, but commemorative editions are intelligent choices.

      I own over 60 guitars (including Fender and Gibson Masterbuilt models, etc.), but I am not a good collector. I play all my instruments and enjoy every minute of it.

      Don’t ever feel buyer’s remorse when it comes to guitars. It takes away from your enjoyment of the whole process. You can always sell one and move on to something else. It might not be as good of an investment as buying stocks or real estate, etc. but look at all the fun you are having, building and playing your collection!

      Now, on to the Gibson Les Pauls! The Slash LPs look, sound, and play great. You have excellent taste in guitars, my friend! Don’t forget about amps & effects!

      Please come back and visit again!

      Happy Holidays, Pat! ????

  4. Ho cambiato la mia Custom Shop 56 LTD con la nuova 75° Anniversary CS nos, sono rimasto folgorato dalla bellezza della chitarra, come da una bella donna, qui si apprezza la vera essenza dell’edizione limitata ,questo è un gioiello che si è materializzato a forma di chitarra, la 56, gran bella chitarra, ma identica a tante altre , non si percepiva a cosa era dovuto l’appellativo LTD, la suonabilità tra le due chitarre è decisamente a favore della 75° ,avendo un profilo del manico 60 oval “C”, rispetto al più sostanzioso manico della 56.
    Consiglio vivamente l’acquisto di questa chitarra che è un piacere per gli occhi e per le orecchie

    English Tranlsation:
    I changed my Custom Shop 56 LTD with the new 75th Anniversary CS NOS. I was struck by the beauty of the guitar, like a beautiful woman. Here you can appreciate the true essence of the limited edition.

    This is a jewel that has materialized in the shape of a guitar. The 56 is a great guitar, but it is identical to many others. It was not perceived as to what the name LTD should stand for.

    The playability between the two guitars is definitely in favor of the 75th, having a neck profile of 60 oval “C”, compared to the more substantial neck of the 56.

    I highly recommend purchasing this guitar which is a pleasure for the eyes and ears.

    • Hi, Pietro
      Thank You for your comments!

      I definitely agree with you that the Fender Custom Shop 75th Anniversary guitar is nicer than the Custom Shop 56 LTD. However, they are both very nice guitars!

      What amplifier are you using?

      Thanks a million for visiting my website and I hope you will come back again! Write in English, if you can, otherwise Italian will be ok.

      Merry Christmas,

      Italian Translation:
      Ciao Pietro,

      Grazie per i vostri commenti!

      Sono assolutamente d’accordo con te che la chitarra Fender Custom Shop 75th Anniversary è più bella della Custom Shop 56 LTD. Tuttavia, sono entrambe chitarre molto belle!

      Che amplificatore stai usando?

      Grazie mille per aver visitato il mio sito web e spero che tornerai di nuovo! Scrivi in ​​inglese, se puoi, altrimenti in Italiano va bene.

      Buon Natale,

      • Complimenti per la recensione.
        Attualmente uso amplificatori
        Blues junio III e champ 57 custom shop.

        English Translation: My compliments on the review. I actually use a Blues Junior III and a ’57 Custom Shop Champ

        • Hi, Pietro

          I have an older model Blues Junior with blonde Tolex covering and a ’57 Custom Shop Champ. They are both great amps that cover a lot of different musical styles. The tweed Champ can be a little noisy, especially with single-coil pickups, but compared to my ’68 Fender Champ, they sound remarkably different.

          Keep On Playing,

          Italian Translation:
          Ciao, Pietro

          Ho un vecchio modello Blues Junior con rivestimento in Tolex biondo e un Custom Shop Champ del ’57. Sono entrambi ottimi amplificatori che coprono molti stili musicali diversi. Il tweed Champ può essere un po’ rumoroso, specialmente con i pickup single coil, ma rispetto al mio Fender Champ del ’68, suonano notevolmente diversi.

          Continua a Giocare,??

          • il mio parco chitarre attuale è
            strat eric clapton torino red
            strat CS 75 aaniverasy
            custom shop 60 nos
            SILVER SKY
            Gibson 335
            Les Paul std
            D28 martin
            j45 Gibson
            fender Acoustasonic tele
            fender Paramount

            la mia chitarra preferita è
            Fender Stratocaster

            English Translation:
            my current stock of guitars is electric:
            strat eric clapton torino red
            strat CS 75 aaniverasy
            custom shop 60 nos
            SILVER SKY
            Gibson 335
            Les Paul std

            D28 martin
            j45 Gibson
            fender Acoustasonic tele
            fender Paramount

            my favorite guitar is
            Fender Stratocaster

          • Hi, Pietro
            You have an outstanding guitar collection!
            I like Stratocasters and Telecasters best, too.
            I have a pretty big collection, including two Eric Clapton Strats, Black and Mercedes Blue Custom Shop.
            My B.B. King Lucille guitar is similar to a Gibson ES 335.
            I also have a Gibson ’59 Les Paul Custom Shop VOS, which sounds fantastic.
            Best Wishes,

            Italian Translation:
            Ciao Pietro
            Hai una collezione di chitarre eccezionale!
            Mi piacciono anche le Stratocaster e le Telecaster.
            Ho una collezione piuttosto grande, tra cui due Eric Clapton Strat, nere e Mercedes Blue Custom Shop.
            La mia chitarra B.B. King Lucille è simile a una Gibson ES 335.
            Ho anche una Gibson ’59 Les Paul Custom Shop VOS, che suona in modo fantastico.

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