Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar Review – Fabulous To Behold And Play

Uli Jon Roth playing a Sky Guitar

If you don’t know what a “Sky Guitar” is, then you are really in for a treat! In this Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar review, I’ll give you an overview of the instruments and then go into depth explaining the key differences between each of the various guitar models.

These are the guitars of hard-core musicians, collectors, and the rich and famous. Even if you can’t afford to get one, you will be amazed at their beauty and functionality. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

Navigating This Article

This is a fairly extensive review article, so I set it up in 2 sections. The most useful information appears at the top, followed by an in-depth look at the actual Sky Guitar models (beginning at “Sky Guitar Comparison Table“).

If you just want a basic idea of what these guitars are all about, then continue reading from here until you will find what you need, or you can navigate the article using the table of contents above. My “Sky Guitar rating summary,” which pertains to all the guitars in general, is at the very bottom (below “Tell Me What You Think!“) of the article.

If you have the time and the interest in Sky Guitars, then grab your favorite beverage and read the entire article, from top to bottom. Everything you want to know about these guitars is somewhere on this page. If you have any additional questions, leave them in the comments section, and I will be happy to help you.

Who Is Uli Joh Roth?

A photo of Uli Jon Roth
Uli Jon Roth, The Master At Work – By Andreas Lawen

If you don’t know who Uli Jon Roth is, then here is his story in a nutshell. Uli is a German neoclassical metal guitar player and founder of the Sky Academy, and inventor of the Sky Guitar.

He started the band “Dawn Road” in the 1970s, which later became “The Scorpions.”

Uli left The Scorpions to form his own band “Electric Sun” in 1979, which disbanded in the mid-1980s.

Since then, Uli has been pursuing his solo career, making appearances periodically under his own name and performing material from symphonic music that he has written.

Since the early days of The Scorpions, Uli’s playing has been heavily influenced by classical arpeggios and diatonic scales, which he combines with pentatonic and blues scales in his own unique playing style.

Uli is one of the true geniuses of musical composition, performance, and guitar design. He is an absolute master!

A Brief History Of The Sky Guitar

The Sky Guitar was first commissioned by Uli from master luthier (builder) Andreas Demetriou to significantly extend the tonal range of a conventional 6-string guitar and improve its tone and playability.

Uli Jon Roth Sky guitar - Sunrise Elite model
Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar, Sunrise Elite Model

Dean Guitars distributed the first limited edition of 50 Sky Guitars. With the passing of Dean’s CEO, Elliott Rubinson, in 2017, Uli continued to sell the Sky Guitar under his own company, UJR Sky Guitars. All Sky Guitars are currently designed by Uli and built by Master Luthier Boris Dommenget. They are sold worldwide, exclusively through Uli’s company.

The first time you see a Sky Guitar, you are taken aback by how different it looks from all the other guitars you have ever seen. You know immediately that it is something special.

How Many Models Of Sky Guitars Are Available?

There are currently 27 different models of Sky Guitar available in 6, 7, and 8 string configurations!

Each of these models has standard available configurations like color choices, and a guitar can be individually customized by special arrangement with Sky Guitars.

The vast majority of these models have design characteristics in common, like neck scalloping, fret size, body shape, and electronics. What really distinguishes each model from one another is its overall sound and playability.

Price can also vary significantly from model to model, depending on things like build-difficulty and material cost.

These instruments are only available through Uli Jon Roth Guitars and are sold worldwide.

Who Are Sky Guitars For?

A Uli Jon Roth Guitar is for players that want to achieve the ultimate in range, tone, and performance. It allows you to take your music to the next level by breaking these barriers.

These guitars are not for the beginning player because they require substantial musical training and experience to play them effectively. They are not priced as entry-level instruments.

Professional musicians and collectors primarily buy them. A Sky Guitar is both a work of art and a technical wonder.

How The Sky Guitar Differs From Other Guitars

A Sky Guitar has four key differences that set it apart from a standard electric guitar.

  1. The guitar neck has an extended range with over three octaves of frets.
  2. Most of the necks on the various Sky Guitar models have varying degrees of neck scalloping.
  3. The upper range of most of the guitar necks has “whole-tone” step (2 half-steps) frets.
  4. They have active electronics with an onboard EQ. Select models have onboard digital and analog effects.

Sky guitars also have a unique and beautiful body shape that balances the instrument and allows easy access to the highest frets.

My Guitar Lair - Features and Benefits Section

Features And Benefits Of The Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar

Solving The Guitar’s Tonal Range Limitation

Many of the Sky Guitars have an average of 30 to 35 frets and sometimes more. These extra frets add tremendous tonal range to the guitar, making it capable of playing even above the register of instruments like the violin.

Being able to “play to the sky” is how these guitars got their name. To make this more practical, the fingerboard is selectively “scalloped” and utilizes specially designed super-jumbo frets that are narrower near the guitar’s body.

Some of the highest frets are a whole tone (two normal frets) apart to increase the distance between them and allow the fingers to fit more comfortably. To get a half-step sound, you need to bend up from one fret lower with the fingers or vibrato bar or play the note on an alternate string.

In the right hands, these guitars are capable of producing tremendous harmonic and melodic sounds.

A Humbucker Pickup UNDER The Fingerboard

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar -  pickup design
Humbucker pickup under extended fingerboard

One amazing feature of Sky Guitars is that the neck humbucker pickup and treble side of the single-coil pick are actually under an extension of the fretboard of the guitar neck. This design came about for several reasons but most importantly, to obtain the best possible sound from an instrument that has such a tremendous range with 30 to 35 frets on average.

One of the things that make this under-the-fingerboard setup possible is the Mega-Wing Active Pickup System with its onboard EQ and gain control. This system gives the guitar’s electronics tremendous sensitivity and tonal quality. It allows the detection of very small electromagnetic signals from the strings.

You won’t find a more powerful and tonally accurate active electronics system on any other guitar in the world.

The Mega-Wing III Active Pickup System

The Mega-Wing multi-component system contains:

A winged horse flying above the clouds
  • An 18-volt power supply (accommodates both 110 & 240-volt power input)
  • The electronics, gain, and EQ module
  • The pickup package, which typically consists of 2 humbuckers and 1 single-coil pickup
  • Humbucker single coil tap switches
  • Control knobs for volume, treble, midrange, bass, and gain
  • A five-way toggle switch
  • A stereo lead, which brings the audio signal to the amp and power to the guitar’s electronics

The Mega Wing II Active Pickup System is the “sound engine” that powers Sky Guitars. It is the result of an ongoing research project that Uli started in the late 1980s.

The Mega-Wing’s preamp was designed by John Oram, one of the main contributors to the “British EQ.” He designed many of the earliest mixing boards in the recording studios of England.

The low-impedance pickups were designed and made by Boris Dommenget, the master luthier that builds the Sky Guitars. The humbucker pickups have a special coil design and a unique mixture of ceramic and alnico 5 magnets for unparalleled sound and performance.

The Onboard Active EQ And Gain Control

The onboard active EQ and gain control comes in two basic configurations, the 5 knob, and 3 knob control versions.

The 5 knob configuration has a volume control with a 3-band (treble, middle, and bass) EQ plus a master gain control. This configuration allows for the ultimate onboard control.

The 3 knob configuration has a volume control and a 2-band (treble and middle) EQ.

The Tronical Power Tune System

Uli Jon Roth sky guitar - Tronical Power Tune

The Tronical Power Tune System comes installed on all Sky Guitars. It will quickly tune or retune your guitar.

This system does a great job with both standard and alternate tunings.

A power tune system is a must-have for a guitar with over 3 octaves of frets and a floating (whammy bar) bridge

If you break a string during a performance, it will retune the remaining strings and allow you to keep playing without replacing it!

Standard Features And Accessories For The Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar

Sky guitars comes with the following standard features and accessories.

  • The Mega-Wing III System (Mega-Wing I on the Silver Sky and Silver Sky 7 guitars) or the Piezo System for nylon string guitars
  • The Tronical Power Tune System to auto-tune the Sky Guitar
  • The Cyan Magic LED Light System (12 dimmable position lights), red LEDs on Silver Sky models
  • 24 Carat gold plating on scratch plates, screws, and tremolo springs on select models
  • Engraved nameplate
  • The Sky Guitar leg rest for playing in the sitting position
  • The Sky Guitar pick holder
  • Sky Guitar case
  • Sky Guitar strap
  • A certificate of authenticity
  • 1 set of D’Orazio UJR Signature Sky Strings (6 string guitars only)
  • 7 UJR signature guitar picks
  • 1 Sky Guitar key chain

What I like About Sky Guitars

My Guitar Lair - Pros (Thumbs Up) Section

Here are some of the most obvious and important things I like about Sky Guitars. There are too many excellent features to mention them all and each model has its own special characteristics.

Designed By Uli From The “Ground-Up”

Uli designed these guitars from the very beginning, and he has been involved in the genesis of each series and model along each step of the way. They all have to meet his exacting standards and fill a certain need in sound or playability.

He has worked with the best people along the way, such as master guitar luthier Boris Dommenget.

Uli only plays Sky Guitars and his instruments are built exactly like the ones that anyone can buy.

A Playable Work Of Art

Sky guitars look as good as they play. Each model is essentially an artistic masterpiece. They are available with fantastic appointments such as exotic woods, genuine Indian moonstone brooches, and 24-carat gold-plated hardware.

You could never confuse the look of a Sky Guitar with anything else.

Phenomenal Sound And Power

The sounds that a Sky Guitar can make are only limited by the imagination of the individual player. The onboard active electronics and EQ offers a tremendous range of tonal shaping and more than enough power to overdrive any amp.

The electronics package on these guitars works great with effects that are placed before the amp or in an amp’s effects loop. For more info on guitar effects, see What Is A Guitar Stomp Box – Attractive, Little, Tantalizing.

Great Upper Register Fret Access

Sky Guitars have a well-thought-out neck and body design that allows great access to the highest frets. This is one of the most important design characteristics of these instruments, and it helps make the instrument playable at or above the 30th fret.

Uli originally visualized the design required to make this a reality, including extending the fretboard over the neck humbucker and part of the middle single-coil pickups. This design helped define the unique and beautiful body shape of the guitar.

What I Don’t Like About Sky Guitars

My Guitar Lair - Cons (Thumbs Down) Section

Other than the cost, I really can’t find anything of any real significance in the “cons” category about Sky Guitars. What else is not to like? They are works of art that are designed to play like a dream and sound amazing. I really had to get picky to come up with two other issues.

The Prohibitive Price Tag

In an ideal world, I would own one of every type of Sky Guitar model. The cost of even the cheapest Sky Guitar model is considerably outside the range of what many professional guitar players can afford.

In all fairness, Uli has attempted to address this with the Silver Sky Series guitars, which still weighs in at the 5-figure price range (see the comparison table and “Types Of Sky Guitars” section below for more info).

An even more affordable model, somewhere in the $5,000 range that offers only the most basic and important features, would be nice. Who knows, perhaps Uli is working on it as you read this.

I’m not saying that the guitars are overpriced for what you get, but it would be nice to be able to put more of them in the hands of truly excellent guitarists with the chops and imagination to take their playing to the next level.

Let’s face it. If you compare a Sky Guitar to your favorite vintage instrument, it will more than likely blow it away.

Only One “Super Strat” Model To Choose From

The Super Strat is the quintessential guitar for players who would like a Sky Guitar but can’t part with the Stratocaster look and format. It is basically a “Uli guitar” cleverly disguised as a strat. You can find out more about the Super Strat near the end of this article.

This hybrid instrument is so rad that I would love to see more than one model to choose from. There might even be an opportunity here to offer a more affordable option.

No “Road Worthy” Guitar Case Option

Uli describes the Sky Guitar case as “top quality,” and I believe him. It is black with the UJR Sky Guitars Logo and a black velvet interior.

Unless you are a collector, you will probably want to take this guitar on the road to play the tunes that other instruments just can’t handle. I would be horrified to send a Sky Guitar through any airport baggage system, even if I had my own equipment handlers. It’s like putting your one-of-a-kind masterpiece through a meat grinder.

The option for professional guitarists to purchase a more “road-worthy” case would be something I would invest in without giving it a second thought. You can always have a road case custom made by companies like Anvil or Gator. I suspect that Uli uses specially designed cases to transport his instruments.

Is An Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar Worth The Cost?

A piggy bank standing on top of money

From a materials quality and functionality point of view, these guitars are worth every penny. Ultimately, you will have to decide if they are worth the cost to you.

If you have the money and play professionally, you may want to take the plunge and pony up the cash. I doubt there’s an electric guitar player that wouldn’t want to be the proud owner of one of these babies! A six-string Silver Sky guitar might be doable without breaking the bank.

If you are a collector, then the investment value of a sky guitar might make it a worthwhile addition to your instrument portfolio. It’s like investing in the “Stradivarius” of guitars

This video is an interview with Uli from Premier Guitar, during which he discusses his Lionheart Sky Guitar and Blackstar rig rundown.

Sky Guitar Comparison Table

Here is a table that compares some of the most basic features of each Sky Guitar model. For more specific information, please see the following section entitled “Types Of Sky Guitars.”

Guitar ModelString
Excalibur $35,7007 StringMaple
30 Frets
Mahogany2 HB, 1 SCYesWarm and Bright
Infinity Sky $27,0007 StringFlame Maple
39 Frets
Mahogany + quilted maple top2 HB, 1SCNoWarm and Rich
Sunrise Elite

6 String
7 String
Flame Maple
30 or 35 Frets
Mahogany + quilted maple top2 HB, 1 SCYesCreamy and Rich
Dolphin Sky
6 StringSycamore
30 Frets
Alder2 HB, 1SCNoBright and Singing
Emperor Sky
6 StringSycamore
37 Frets
Alder2 HB, 1 SCNoBright and Singing
Mighty Wing
7 StringFlame Maple
30 to 39
Mahogany2 HB only
(No SC)
NoRich and Singing
Rembrandt Sky
7 StringFlame Maple
32 Frets
Mahogany2 HB, 1 SCNoCreamy and Warm
Sky Of Lionheart

6 String
7 String
Flame Maple
30 to 39 Frets
Mahogany + quilted maple top2 HB, 1 SCNoCreamy and Singing
Bianca Sky

6 String
7 String
Flamed Maple
37 Frets
Alder2 HB, 1 SCNoBright and Singing
Raven Sky

6 String
7 String
Flamed Maple
37 Frets
Alder2 HB, 1SCNoBright and Singing
Silver Sky

6 String
7 String
37 Frets
Alder2 HB, 1 SCNoBright and Singing
Silver Wing

6 String
7 String
37 Frets
Alder2 HB, 1 SCNoBright and Singing
Sky Super Strat
6 StringFlamed Maple
23 Frets
Alder2 HB, 1 SCNoBright and Singing
Ebony Sky

6 String
7 String
Flamed Maple
35 Frets
Ebony FB
+ quilted maple top
2 HB, 1 SCNoCreamy and Rich
Mahogony Sky
6 StringMahogany
35 Frets
Ebony FB
Mahogany2 HB, 1 SCNoCreamy and Rich
Sunset Elite

6 String
7 String
8 String
Spanish Cedar
24 Frets
Maple FB
Mahogany hollow + spruce topPiezo-Electric
YesClear and resonant
Aurora Sky
12 String acoustic on top +
7 String electric on bottom
24 Frets upper neck +
Flamed maple
37 Frets
lower neck
Mahogany – hollow on top and solid on bottom piezo on top and
2 HB, 1 SC on bottom
NoClear and resonant on top + Creamy and singing on bottom
Mighty New Dawn
7 String acoustic +
7 String electric
24 Frets upper neck +
Flamed maple
37 Frets
lower neck
Mahogany – hollow on top and solid on bottompiezo on top and
2 HB, 1 SC on bottom
NoClear and resonant on top + Creamy and singing on bottom
FB = Fingerboard, HB = Humbucker, SC = Single Coil, Guitar cost based on 2021 price list

Types Of Sky Guitars

The Sky Guitar catalog is organized into three different guitar segments (categories): Pegasus, Aquila, and Unicorn.

Each guitar segment is made up of a group of guitar series: Galaxy Dragon, Sky Elite, Sky Classic, Lionheart Sky, Jeannie Sky, Silver Sky, Sky Strat, Sky Solid, Flamenco, Sky, and Gemini Sky.

Each guitar series has one or more guitar models to choose from.

Pegasus Sky Category

A photo of Pegasus.

Guitars in this category are the modern-day Stradivarius of the electric guitar, created for the true virtuoso guitarist. They were designed with higher fret access to facilitate lead guitar playing.

Sonically, they sound more like a Les Paul but also have Strat-Like qualities. These guitars have the “Mega-Wing III” active pickup system.

Galaxy Dragon Sky Series

These are 7-string guitars with mahogany bodies and MIDI systems made with Graph Tech components.

A photo of a man with a sword.
Excalibur Guitar

The Excalibur guitar is Uli’s exquisitely designed flagship 7 string guitar with a backlit pulsating “Golden Dragons Eye” moonstone brooch.

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Excalibur model
Excalibur Model

It takes the Sky Elite series guitars to the next level with 20 sophisticated onboard analog and digital effects. These include tremolo, echo, chorus, flanger, and touch-wah.

The maple neck has 30 super-jumbo frets (smaller near the top) that are medium-scalloped from the 6th fret. The top 3 frets are whole-tone steps (2-steps). It has a self-tuning system.

The mahogany body has 5 bottom controls for volume, tone (treble, middle, and bass), and gain, plus 5 top onboard effects and MIDI controls.

Infinity Sky Guitar

The Infinity Sky Guitar has a shorter scale length with a flame maple neck and a mahogany body with a quilted maple top. It has the best access to the highest frets of all Sky Guitars. The fingerboard is deep-scalloped at the 6th fret. There are 39 super-jumbo frets, with the last 6 frets whole-tine steps.

The body has 2 humbuckers and a single-coil pickup in the middle position. It has 5 bottom controls for volume, tone, and gain.

Sky Elite Series

These are very technically advanced guitars, with an onboard effect module, which formed the basis for the Excalibur guitar. They also come with an optional ten-minute looper.

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Sunrise Elite model
Sunrise Elite Model
Sunrise Elite And Sunrise Elite 7 Guitar

This model is available in 6 or 7 string with 33 or 35 super-jumbo frets that are deep-scalloped from the 6th fret. The top 4 frets are whole-tone steps.

The body has 2 humbuckers and a single-coil pickup in the middle position with 5 bottom controls and 4 or 5 top controls for delay and multi-effects.

Sky Classic Series

The guitars in the Sky Classic series were designed to take each of the original four prototype Sky Guitars to the next level in design and sophistication.

Dolphin Sky Guitar

This was the very first Sky Guitar, built by Andy Demetriou in 1983. This Sky Guitar was used as the prototype for all future Sky Guitars. It introduced the world to the very first 30 fret neck, which is almost one octave above the normal range. It also had the first pickup “under the neck design,” which created a unique warm-sounding tone.

The sycamore neck has a non-scalloped fingerboard with 30 super-jumbo frets.

The alder body has 2 humbuckers and a single-coil pickup in the middle position with 3 to 5 controls (choice of 1 or 3 tone controls).

Emperor Sky Guitar

The original prototype of this guitar was the first one to use whole-step frets in the higher register to increase the spacing between one fret and another. This meant that a string would have to be bent with the fingers or vibrato bar to sound a note just one-half step higher. This offered some performance challenges, but it made this area of the guitar more comfortable to play.

The entire sycamore neck of this guitar is medium-scalloped with 37 super-jumbo frets.

The alder body has 2 humbuckers and a single-coil pickup in the middle position with 4 control knobs, one of which is a push-pull.

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Mighty Wing model
Mighty Wing Model
Mighty Wing Guitar

The mighty Wing was Uli’s favorite model for nearly 20 years because of its beauty and richness of sound! It may have been the very first modern 7-string guitar.

An image of a set of wings.

The flame maple neck is deep-scalloped all the way from fret 3 to 39 super-jumbo frets.

The mahogany body has two humbuckers only (no middle single coil pickup) with 5 control knobs.

Rembrandt Sky Guitar

The Rembrandt Sky Guitar was the second 7-string model to be designed, modeled after the Mighty Wing, and the very first Sky Guitar to be built with a mahogany body. It has a bit of an unusual string spacing that is slightly narrower than a standard 7-string guitar, which gives it a unique playing feel.

The flamed maple neck is medium-scalloped all the way with 32 super-jumbo frets.

The mahogany body has 2 humbuckers and a single-coil pickup in the middle position with 5 control knobs.

Lionheart Sky Series

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - SKY OF LIONHEART guitar
Sky Of Lionheart Model
Sky Of Lionheart And Sky Of Lionheart 7 Guitar

The Sky Of Lionheart is the model that Uli considers the best “all-around” Sky Guitar in terms of its sonic spectrum, range, and easy access to the highest frets (the easiest of all Sky Guitar models).

The flamed maple neck is deep-scalloped from the 6th fret with 30 to 39 super-jumbo frets.

The mahogany body has 2 humbuckers and a single-coil pickup in the middle position with 5 control knobs.

Aquila Sky Category

A photo of a hawk in flight.

The Aquila Sky Category hails from the original Sky Guitars, which were modeled after the sonic characteristics of the Stratocaster by using maple necks and alder bodies.

The addition of up to 35 frets and the Mega-Wing systems transforms them more into what Uli calls “Super-Strats.”

Their design takes Uli’s custom 23 fret white strat that he used in the Scorpion and Electric Sun eras to the next level.

Guitars in the Aquila Sky category work well for the virtuoso guitarist that plays a combination of rhythm and lead parts.

Jeannie Sky Series

Bianca Sky And Bianca Sky 7 Guitar

This model is also known as the Jeannie-Bianca Sky Guitar. It is one of Uli’s favorite guitar models, and he has played it numerous times in concert. It has great sound clarity and a very balanced tone.

The flamed maple neck is medium scalloped from the 7th fret up. It has 37 super-jumbo frets.

The alder body has 2 humbuckers and one single coil pickup in the middle, with 5 control knobs.

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Raven Sky model
Raven Sky Model
Raven Sky And Raven Sky 7 Guitar

The Raven Sky Guitar is essentially the same as the Bianca Sky guitar except that the body color is only available in “Raven Black.” It has great sound clarity and a very balanced tone.

The flamed maple neck is medium scalloped from the 7th fret up. It has 37 super-jumbo frets.

The alder body has 2 humbuckers and one single-coil pickup in the middle, with 5 control knobs.

Silver Sky Series

Silver Sky And Silver Sky 7 Guitar

The Silver Sky Guitar is named after its series and represents the most affordable Sky Guitars that Uli offers. To accomplish this, these guitars have the following specifications.

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Silver Sky model
Silver Sky Model
  • They use the Mega-Wing I battery-powered active pickup system instead of the Mega-Wing III System. The Mega-Wing I System has less gain than the Mega-Wing III, but it still beats other guitars on the market with active electronics.
  • The guitars have a less extensive EQ system, which is still highly effective in its own right.
  • Gold-plated hardware is replaced with silver parts, which fits nicely with the theme of the series.
  • Position lights are utilized red LEDs rather than cyan blue
  • Some of the parts are machine-made instead of hand-made

The Silver Series Sky guitars play just as well as other Sky Guitars but have less costly appointments.

The maple neck is not scalloped, except for at the highest frets. It has 37 super-jumbo frets.

The alder body has 2 humbuckers and one single-coil pickup in the middle, with 3 control knobs (volume, treble, and midrange).

Silver Wing And Silver Wing 7 Guitar

The Silver Wing Sky Guitar upgrades the Mega-Wing I battery-powered active pickup system of the Silver Sky Guitar to the Mega-Wing III System and has a nickel-silver finish. If you have the extra money, it is well worth the upgrade.

The flamed maple neck is not scalloped, except for at the highest frets. It has 37 super-jumbo frets.

The alder body has 2 humbuckers and one single-coil pickup in the middle, with 5 control knobs (volume, treble, midrange, bass, and master gain).

Sky Strat Series

The Sky Strat Series is a hat tip to Leo Fender’s timeless Stratocaster design and feel. It takes the Strat to the next level and gives it Sky Guitar superpowers.

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Sky Super Strat model
Sky Super Strat Model
Sky Super Strat Guitar

The Sky Super Strat Guitar was built to celebrate Uli’s work in the days of the Scorpions and Electric Sun. This is what you get when you take a Strat and merge it with a Mega-Wing III system and a Sky Guitar neck. It’s the best of both worlds. If you’re a “Strat Cat,” then this guitar is a dream come true!

The flamed maple neck is deep-scalloped from the third fret. It has 23 super-jumbo frets.

The alder body has 2 humbuckers and one single-coil pickup in the middle, with 3 control knobs & 2 push-pull toggle controls (volume, treble, midrange, bass, and master gain).

See Super Strat Guitars – Turn Your Strat Into A Shred Machine! for more info.

Unicorn Sky Category

A unicorn standing in the forest.

The Unicorn Sky category represents the most recent series of solid body and semi-acoustic Sky Guitars. They do not have a tremolo system.

Their very pure and refined tone makes them ideally suited for rhythmic chordal playing.

Unicorn Sky Guitar models are best suited for the virtuoso guitarist that gravitates toward harmonic complexity as the ultimate form of musical expression.

Sky Solid Series

The Sky Solid Series is the first generation of Sky Guitars to have an ebony fingerboard and a hardtail bridge (no whammy bar). This design results in a very rich and warm-sounding instrument with an outstanding tonal response.

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Ebony Sky model
Ebony Sky Model
Ebony Sky And Ebony Sky 7 Guitar

The Ebony Sky Guitar has an elegantly simplistic design and look. It eliminates the hassle of keeping a tremolo-based guitar in working condition. The hard-tail design does not have the resonant characteristics of the tremolo strings, giving it a less dimensional sound.

The flamed maple neck has an ebony fingerboard that is scalloped from the 27th fret up. It has 35 super-jumbo frets. the top 4 frets are whole-tone steps.

It has a mahogany body with a quilted maple top. There are 2 humbuckers and one single-coil pickup in the middle, with 5 control knobs.

Mahogany Sky Guitar

The Mahogany Sky Guitar has a mahogany neck and body with an ebony fingerboard, making it a little darker sounding in a warm and rich kind of way.

The fingerboard is scalloped from the 27th fret up with 35 super-jumbo frets, just like the Ebony Sky Guitar.

The body has 2 humbuckers and one single-coil pickup in the middle, with 5 control knobs.

Flamenco Sky Series

The Sky Guitars in this series are semi-acoustic nylon string with piezo-electric transducers (pickups) and a 4-band EQ. They are specifically designed to produce the richest and most dynamic sound for playing classical and flamenco guitar while minimizing or eliminating feedback.

They have the same onboard effects as the Sky Elite models, with an echo-delay unit and a 10-minute looper.

These guitars are the best solution for playing with a group of other amplified musicians or in an acoustically hostile environment. They sound awesome, plugged-in, or unplugged!

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Sunset Elite 8 Sky model
Sunset Elite 8 Model
Sunset Elite 6, 7, and 8 Guitar

The Sunset Elite Sky Guitar is available in 6, 7, and 8 string models! They are stunning to behold and play like a dream with excellent access to the highest notes.

The fingerboard is ebony with an un-scalloped maple top and 24 super-jumbo frets.

The hollow body has a spruce top with Torres bracing. The pickup design consists of piezoelectric transducers. There are 5 bottom control knobs (volume with a 4-band EQ) and 5 top control knobs (the first 3 for delay and the last 2 for the looper).

Gemini Sky Series

Gemini Sky Series instruments are double-neck guitars that bring together two separate and diverse but complementary sounds.

They have two audio outputs so that each instrument is like having two completely separate Sky guitars in one without compromises! Uli called these guitars the “piece de resistance of Sky Guitars,” a statement that’s really hard to argue with.

Aurora Sky Guitar

The Aurora Sky Guitar combines a Unicorn-Type 12 string piezo guitar on the top with a fully functional electric Pegasus-Type (“Lionheart-Like”) 7 string Sky Guitar on the bottom.

The acoustic top neck is mahogany with a maple top and 24 super-jumbo frets, and an un-scalloped fingerboard.

The Pegasus electric bottom neck is flamed maple with 37 super-jumbo frets and a deep-scalloped fingerboard.

The mahogany body is hollow on the top (acoustic) half and solid on the bottom (electric) half.

The acoustic half uses the 4-band piezo system with 5 control knobs on top, and the electric half uses the Mega-Wing III System with 5 control knobs on the bottom.

Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar - Mighty New Dawn model
Mighty New Dawn Model
Mighty New Dawn Guitar

The Mighty New Dawn Guitar combines a semi-acoustic Unicorn-Type 7 string piezo guitar on the top with a fully functional electric Pegasus-Type (“Lionheart-Like”) 7 string Sky Guitar on the bottom.

The acoustic top neck is mahogany with a maple un-scalloped fingerboard and 24 super-jumbo frets.

The Pegasus electric bottom neck is flamed maple with 37 super-jumbo frets and a deep-scalloped fingerboard.

The mahogany body is hollow on the top (acoustic) half and solid on the bottom (electric) half.

The acoustic half uses the 4-band piezo system with 5 control knobs on top, and the electric half uses the Mega-Wing III System with 5 control knobs on the bottom.

The Uli Jon Roth Sky Academy

An image of the Uli Jon Roth Sky Academy logo.
The Sky Academy Spiral Symbol

Uli created the Sky Academy in 2006 as a way to bring music awareness and the spiritual aspect of listening, playing, and studying music to the public. The Sky Academy has hosted many excellent speakers and teachers over the years.

The Sky Academy went international in 2008. It has hosted every aspect and genre of musical expression with an emphasis on orchestral appreciation and composition. It remains an ongoing work in progress.

The Sky Academic spiral symbol appears on several Uli Jon Roth Sky guitars, like the Sky Of Lionheart and Bianca Sky models.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts On The Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar

A Uli Jon Roth Sky guitar is not your average instrument, or even close. It is for the accomplished and discriminating guitarist that wishes to advance to the ultimate level of composition and performance. With over 3 octaves of frets, there is literally no type of music beyond your reach.

Although these guitars are beyond the financial grasp of the average guitar player that doesn’t have a boatload of money, you really do get what you pay for. The design, materials, workmanship, and electronics are second to none.

The active electronics and EQ system allows you to dial in your perfect sound and overdrive any amp without the need for an overdrive pedal or distortion box.

Each guitar is built with tender loving care by master luthier Boris Dommenget. The attention to detail is absolutely remarkable, and no two guitars are exactly alike.

These guitars are as fun to play as they are beautiful to behold. With 27 models to choose from, I suggest that you let Uli and his staff recommend which guitars might be best suited for your playing style and musical preferences.

I hope you had as much fun reading this article as I did writing it! If you are like me, then you are probably thinking of ways you can put money aside to get your guitar-playing little hands on one (or another one) of these fine instruments!

Scroll down to see my overall rating for Sky Guitars.

A rock band of figures made from nuts and bolts.

Tell Me What You Think!

Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar review, have any questions about a guitar, or want to leave your own personal review. I will be happy to help you.

  • What do you think of Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitars? What feature do you like most?
  • Is this the first time you’ve heard of these guitars?
  • Do you own or have you ever played a Sky Guitar? What did you think?
  • Would you ever consider buying a Sky Guitar? Which one?

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16 thoughts on “Uli Jon Roth Sky Guitar Review – Fabulous To Behold And Play”

  1. Hi, and what utterly awesome guitars. I’ve been playing guitar for many years, I guess I must be a bit out of touch these days as I had never seen these before. It sounds like the Sky series models sometimes have different scale lengths in order to be able to accommodate the extra frets and some of the descriptions say that but don’t give details. I know some players even have trouble switching between the Strat scale length and at Les Paul scale length. I’m curious, do Sky Guitars create this problem? And once you move to one of these would you have trouble switching back to either a Strat or an LP?  Thanks, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      Thank You for your comments, and it’s always great to meet a fellow guitar player!

      Sky Guitars have been around for a while. They were originally sold by Dean Guitars. Uli took over manufacturing, sales, and distribution around 2017. You don’t see too many because of their price and the fact that they can be challenging to play.

      Yes, you are correct in saying that guitars necks can have different scale lengths. If you only play a Strat and suddenly pick up a Les Paul it will take you a while, perhaps even a few days to get used to the difference, so never do this in a performance situation! 😊

      In addition to scale length, there are multiple other neck parameters that can affect the way a guitar plays and feels, as I’m sure you know, but I’ll list some for other readers. Things like fret size, fingerboard radius, string height (action), and string gauge can all make a difference.

      A standard Strat has a scale length of 25.5 inches, while a Les Paul scale length is shorter at 24.75. The shorter scale length can make the LP guitar easier to bend strings, all things being equal, like string gauge.

      If we compare the scale length of a standard Strat to a Sunrise Elite 6-string model (Sky Guitar), they are both 25.5 inches, but they still play totally differently.

      Two of the most striking differences are that the Sunrise Elite has a deep-scalloped fingerboard from the 6th fret up, and the top 4 frets are “whole-tone” steps (meaning that moving up one whole-tone fret is like moving up two frets on a regular guitar).

      The whole-tone frets are used to increase the physical distance between adjacent frets to make more room for your fingers. Playing a “half-tone” up in the whole-tone area of the neck can be a little tricky. One way to do it would be to move one fret down and bend the string up a half-step, either with your finger or the vibrato bar. You can also vibrato-bar down one-half step from the same fret.

      A scalloped fingerboard feels very different than an un-scalloped one. Your finger does not touch the wood of a scalloped fingerboard, just the fret. There is a lot less note-bending friction, but it is also easier to inadvertently bend the note out of tune (sharp) by accidentally pushing down on the string.

      Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen both play scalloped necks. Some of the bigger Guitar Center stores may have a Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Strat in stock if you want to try playing one. It would be usual to find a used Sky Guitar for sale at a “brick and motor” music store, so you can’t really “try before you buy.” 

      The trick, and the short answer to your question, is to switch between playing all the various types of guitars you might have on a regular basis.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope you visit my site often.


  2. Hi, I read your article about Uli Jon Roth sky guitar. It is an amazing piece of writing indeed and I enjoyed it. I am not a musician nor do I like listening to music, but taking me through this history of sky guitars makes me want to hear the sound of it, especially Uli as one of the true geniuses of musical composition, performance and guitar design as your have clearly mentioned. I must say that I really loved this post and thanks for sharing it with us, I will surely be sharing it further too.

    • Hi Kokontala,

      Thank You for your comments!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article. It is fairly technical and intended for experienced guitar players. Still, perhaps it served as an introduction to Uli Jon Roth, who you most likely have already heard play guitar on an early “Scorpions” song. It’s easy to admire the beauty of these Sky Guitars, even if you are not a musician.

      What do you mean you don’t like music? There are so many different types of music in the world that I am certain you can find something that suits your taste and will bring you happiness.

      If you ever decide you want to give the guitar a try, then leave another comment on this post, and I’ll give you some suggestions for an affordable student guitar that plays well.


  3. You are right, I have never heard of a sky guitar. This was some great education for me. I can barely handle six strings and you are talking about 7 or 8 string guitars. Wow!

    I have a huge collection of guitars as everyone in the house plays a bit of guitar. So maybe, just maybe, we will think of getting a sky guitar too. Adds to the list of guitars owned, you know.

    Thank u for this review.



    • Hi Aps,

      Thanks for your comments!

      I did not know you are a guitar player – that’s awesome!

      I have pretty close to 65 guitars, including those I have built, but very little time to play them all. The trick is to get up early in the morning, which gives me at least 2 hours to play every day before I have to go to the office.

      Sky Guitars are very special and can be like learning to play a whole different kind of instrument. Glad you are thinking about ordering one. The waiting list can be pretty long, so it can easily take up to one year for delivery. They are expensive but definitely worth the investment.

      Glad you enjoyed the article!

      Take Care,


  4. This certainly is a very comprehensive guide to the Sky guitar range.

    It is very evident from your post that you not only have a passion for guitars, but that you hold the Sky models in high regard. As you rightly point out, they are very expensive, but for anyone who can afford them, they certainly seem to be a great instrument which sits heads and shoulders above it’s competitors.

    Thanks for sharing this with us 

    • Hi Geoff,

      Thank You for your comments!

      I do love guitars, and Sky Guitars are all designed and built the way I would do it, with tender loving care. These guitars are expensive, but they will take your playing to a whole new level.

      They do represent a significant commitment to learning a whole new approach to playing the guitar, which is why you don’t see many (if any) big-name guitar players using a Sky Guitar, even though they can easily afford one.


  5. Hi Frank,
    great article about the Sky Guitar. I am an amateur guitar player from Germany and since several weeks proud owner of a Sky Guitar. I shared your article and got pretty nice reactions already. Is there a way to send you a private message? Couldn´t find that possibility on your page.

    • Hi, Lars

      Thank You for your comments!

      A Sky guitar is an awesome choice! Which model did you get? That guitar will take you anywhere you want to go, musically speaking!

      Thank You for sharing my article, I’m thrilled you liked it!

      You can email me at frank10@myguitarlair.com (remove the number 10 to show that you’re not a robot).

      Looking forward to hearing from you,

    • Hi, Marcel

      Thanks for your email and interest in the Sky Guitar!

      You could modify a Strat to install the Mega Wing System in an H-S-H configuration, but I would not recommend it. It will never sound like a Sky guitar and probably won’t be worth the cost. Sky guitars have the neck humbucker embedded under an extension of the fretboard, and the single-coil is partially covered on the treble side. The neck was specifically developed to accommodate this design. Also, the Sky Guitar’s onboard electronics are designed to work with the Mega Wing System.

      Sometimes you can pick up a used Sky Guitar through some of the bigger online guitar retailers.

      Keep on Playing! ?

  6. These sky guitars are awesome. I saw Uli Jon Roth live a few years ago and he played one of these guitars. It’s amazing how strong the atmosphere is he creates by playing them. I knew that the sky guitars existed before because Boris Dommenget is an old friend of my mother (and I play guitar so we often talk about that) but I never knew how insanely cool they are. Thanks for all that information. I’m going to ask Boris if I could try one out next time I see him.

    • Hi, Doc Morris

      I appreciate your comments!

      Sky guitars are amazing, and Uli is a fabulous guitar player. He sent me an email thanking me when he read my article, which was an incredible thrill! They are definitely on the expensive side but totally worth every penny, in my opinion.

      That is so cool that you know Boris! When you speak with him, please ask him to take a look at my article, if he hasn’t already read it.

      Take Care & Keep Playing Guitar,
      Frank ?

  7. Hi Frank,
    Awesome article on the Sky guitars! Very informative on each and every one of the different models available. I’d never heard of these before…and, wow, are they mind blowing! I watched the video of Uli that you have in here and it’s amazing how these guitars sound. Not to mention how you can change that sound so easily. All on one guitar! Plus, I love the shape of these! Beautiful guitars!

    I don’t know if I’ll ever see one in person to try it out…but, that sure would be an amazing experience!

    Thanks for sharing such an in-depth article on the Sky guitars, Frank! I learned a lot about these amazing guitars!

    • Hi, Sherry

      Thanks for your kind words! ?

      Yes, they certainly are amazing guitars!

      I had a chance to play a Sky Guitar several years ago. The sound was spectacular, but I found it challenging to play at the highest end of the neck because the frets are so close together. It definitely requires some practice to get those notes to sound clear.

      Rock On! ?
      Frank ?


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